Monday, June 28, 2010

GMail targeting under 1sec load time with HTML5

According to Google, many of the upcoming features of GMail are going to be  HTML5-ready. They hope HTML5 will speed up loading and execution time of GMail. Google’s goal is to get their Web-based email service to load in under 1 second. While going through the original article I noticed a couple of interesting things.

Speed is a feature!Truly it is. I do believe speed is one of the most critical decision factor when it comes to selecting a software application. To be honest I am very much happy about the load and execution time of Google, but they are looking for more. Interesting!.

Currently, the Gmail program is comprised of 443,000 lines of JavaScript, with 978,000 lines if comments are included.I did actually not know that it was written completely in JavaScript in the first place. The interesting point is roughly each line of JavaScript is accompanied by one line of comment. That implies how vital the comments are in a software programming and of course how complex the GMail logic is ;-).

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